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Our company has a formidable presence in textile machinery market, both in conventional and technical textiles. The company provides a wide range of textile machinery and accessories across the textile value chain along with a comprehensive range of utilities. Our expertise covers spinning, weaving, knitting, dry and wet finishing, printing, garmenting, home textiles, synthetic fibers and filaments, carpets, technical textiles and non-wovens. Now we offer a complete range of products to make technical textiles – for example, warp knitting machines, stitch bonding machines, needle lines, thermo bonding lines, spun lace lines, coating and finishing lines, etc. Besides the complete spectrum of services from pre-sales to post-sales, we become a consulting resource for our customers, in view of our deeply embedded knowledge in textile processes.

Blendomat - BO-A

The most flexible automatic bale plucker for uniform opening and feeding to other blowroom machines.

Technical Details:
Power consumption: 12.6 kW
Production: Upto 1600 kg/ hr
Length of machine: Min - 23.13 m; Max - 50.27 m

Key Features:
Upto three bale groups at a time
Feeding in upto three lines
Upto 180 bales

Raw Material:
Cotton, viscose, rayon, man-made fibres and their blends

Key Benefits:
Reduction in labour cost
Gentle and uniform opening
Small tuft size
Uncompromising safety



Card - TC 5-1/ TC 5-3
High production card designed to deliver superior performance with a comprehensive carding concept – available in two variants TC 5-1 and TC 5-3.

Technical Details:
Power consumption: 14.63 kW
Production: Upto 120 kg/ hr

Key Features:
Precision knife setting system PMS
Multi web clean
Direct feed
Touch screen

Raw Material:
Cotton and man-made fibres

Key Benefits:
Long carding area resulting in superior sliver quality
Less maintenance
Flexible adaptation to any material
Increase in production

Draw frame TD - 7
Technical Details:
4-over-3 drafting system geometry
Pneumatically loaded top rolls
Pneumatic web threading

Key Features:
Pressure bar in main draft area
Perfect continuous suction with low, energysaving

Key Benefits:
Less maintenance
Digitally controlled


Zinserspeed 51M 
The roving frame with state-of-the-art auto doffing for high productivity and unmatched roving quality.

Technical Details:
Flyer speed - 1500 rpm
Gauge - 220 mm and 260mm
Flyer size - 16' x 6 for 220 mm and 260 mm gauge
Flyer size - 16' x 7" for 260 mm gauge
Number of spindles up to  - 192 for 260 mm gauge
Number of spindles up to - 208 for 220 mm guge

Application Range:
Staple fibers up to 63 mm
Count range ne 0.3 to ne 3.0
Draft range 3.0-15.8

Key Features:
Requires less floor space
In built power failure bridging device
excellent ergonomic profile
frequency invertor controlled suction motor

Key Benefits:
Superb roving quality
wide application range from fine to coarse counts
Reduction of power consumption
short set-up and servicing times


Bobbin Transport System 


Technical Details:
Fully flexible system with limitless options
Bobbins move in loops with designated S/F & R/Fs
Full batch creeling of R/F possible with this system
Heavy duty bearing assembly & track changer switches

Key Features:
Most user-friendly motorised systems with extra large storage
Systems with very low maintenance cost
Heavy duty geared motor with fire protection
Integrations with bobbin stripper possible on request
Elimination of manual bobbin handling
Modular design to suit all requirements
Heavy duty bearing assembly & track changer switches
Storage parking with overhead traveling cleaners
Can be integrated with latest S/Fs with auto doffers at extra cost

Key Benefits:
Saves considerable manpower and time
Space saving
Possible to integrate new as well as old installations
Full batch creeling of ringframe possible
Integration with bobbin stripper possible


Zinser - 351
The best of ring spinning technology for cotton spinning.

Technical Details:
Spindle gauge: 70/ 75/ 82.5 mm
Tube length: 200 - 260 mm
Ring diameter: 38 - 57 mm
Max. spindle speed: 25000 rpm
Raw material: Cotton, viscose, man - made fibres and their blends
Application: 60 mm 

Key Features:
Servo draft - no change gears for changing draft and twist
Synchro drive - multi-motor single tangential belt drive
Auto-doffing CoWeMat 395 V with linked system
Most reliable and flexible compact yarn attachment

Key Benefits:
Less stoppage time
Efficient, user friendly, easy to maintain and flexible
Reduces noise level, twist variation in yarn and power consumption
Reduces doffing time and material handling while increasing efficiency
Suitable for all counts


XO Smart 

Vaccum conditioning and heat setting machine

Application Range:
Cotton blends in short staple spinning. Application in filament and glass fibres Used for fabric conditions and print setting acrylic bulking and pre shrinking

Technical Details:
Standard machines suitable for all low temperature treatment applications up to 95°C, available in three sizes
30% less connected load
Virtually maintenance free
100% process reproducibility
Plug & Steam designed

Key Features:
Unique XO Steaming system which uses 100% saturated steam and renowned XO-Intermediate
Vaccum procedureVessel made of stainless steel
Shortest delivery time

Key Benefits:
Lowest energy consumption and highest degree of Penetration with best relaxing and conditioning results


Compact Twister - VTS - 07
High performance twisting machine with a multitude of functional options for all spun yarns.

Technical Details:
Spindle gauge: 222.5/ 247.5/ 296 mm
Winding traverse: 152 - 254 mm
Max. no. of spidles: 256
Max. feed package diameter: 175 mm

 Key Features:
Narrow width machine
Universal spindle with less height
Volcojet (pneumatic threading)
Pneumatic cradle lifting
Yarn blocking system

Raw Material:
Cotton, polyester, viscose and their blends

Key Benefits:
Space saving
Low yarn tension, less power consumption and high quality of twisted yarn
Easy to operate and maintain, saves time, keeps yarn path free from fluff and dust accumulation and higher productivity
In case of end breaks, prevents rubbing of package against drum
Prevents end breaks during power failure

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