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Atvik Ltd. provides more than capital. We provide experience, advice support to solve problems, improve performance and build business value. We can meet the long-term capital investment financing needs of any size business in a wide variety of industries. If a project requires more than maximum per-project lending capacity, we are experienced in working with co-lenders to bring sufficient resources to a project. The majority of financing is used to cover the capital costs (such as design/engineering services, facility construction or leasehold improvements, equipment) associated with the establishment or expansion of a project in a non-financial industry or to fund the expansion of lending.

The corporate and investment banking industry is in a period of uncertainty and transition, with banks still searching for sustainable models in the context of intense regulatory activity and capital challenges. Our practice has a proven record of innovation and impact working with capital markets and investment banking institutions to define strategies and priorities for a new banking era.
We work with a diverse set of banking and nonbanking institutions, including universal banks, securities firms and information providers. Our work encompasses overall strategies for the wholesale business and for specific products.

The investment objective of our Company is to produce a consistent positive returns on its funds over the medium to long term, regardless of the general direction of the share market.

Our investment philosophy is based on the premise that financial markets and individual securities can and do deviate away from fair value. By detailed analysis of a range of valuation parameters, active management of a portfolio of equities can be used to generate an acceptable level of absolute return over a range of time frames

Due to the relative levels of research coverage by the market, we also believe that companies outside of the Top 100 will experience greater deviation from fair value.

A medium to long-term investment horizon is required and large non-investment driven cash flows can adversley impact long term performance.  Hence, a listed investment company structure is the most appropriate form of the investment vehicle

We mainly invest in listed securities. From time to time, a portion of the Portfolio may be held in short term cash deposits. It is anticipated that the majority of investments will have a connection to Westerm Europe and USA.  Derivatives may be used where considered appropriate.

We help a broad range of banking and consumer finance firms navigate a dynamically changing environment, in which regulatory constraints, consumer deleveraging and evolving channel dynamics present significant obstacles to profitability. Our approach to supporting clients is customized and collaborative.


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